unfair un‧fair [ˌʌnˈfeə◂ ǁ -ˈfer◂] adjective
1. not right or fair:

• The new taxation system was widely regarded as unfair.

• poverty wages and unfair working conditions

2. not giving a fair opportunity to everyone:

• The current law is not equitable, since it gives an unfair advantage to those pilots who belong to a union.

• American workers feel threatened by unfair competition from abroad.

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unfair UK US /ʌnˈfeər/ adjective
not morally right, or not treating people in an equal way: »

Businesses argue that the tax idea is unfair because it is based on revenue, rather than profit.


We will not accept unfair treatment of individuals whether it be because of race, sex, age or religion.


Critics of the bill think that new service providers will be given an unfair advantage over cable companies with existing franchise agreements.


unfair competition/practices/subsidies

be/seem unfair to do sth »

It is unfair to judge infrastructure services on the basis of return on investment.

be/seem unfair that »

It seems unfair that the Scottish and Irish fishing industries should be hardest hit when other EU countries have also contributed to the over-fishing problem.


grossly/really unfair

unfairly adverb

Some departments claim that they were treated unfairly in the reorganization.

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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